Web3Auth Next.js App

This demo application illustrates how to integrate self-custodial social authentication with Web3Auth


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Getting Started

Clone this repository to your local machine: https://github.com/stackup-wallet/next-web3auth-userop-example


  1. Node.js installed on your system.
  2. An account with Web3Auth (https://web3auth.io/) to get a client ID token.
  3. An account with Stackup (https://app.stackup.sh/) to get a RPC URL.


The application uses environment variables for configuration.

  1. Copy the .env.example file into a new .env.local file:
    cp .env.example .env.local
  2. Open the .env.local file and add your Web3Auth client ID and Stackup RPC URL:
    WEB3AUTH_CLIENT_ID=Your_Web3Auth_Client_ID STACKUP_RPC_URL=Your_Stackup_RPC_URL\

Install Dependencies

Install all dependencies by running the following command:

npm install

Run the Application

You can start the application with the following command:

npm run dev

The application should now be running at http://localhost:3000!

For further information and help, feel free to raise an issue in therepository.