Team members and roles

Each member in a Stackup Team can be assigned a role to enable varying levels of permissions.

The Stackup platform have a set of various roles to better manage your team and ensure smooth functionality. These roles come with different sets of permissions to give you the flexibility to control what each team member can do. The three roles are: Owner, Admin, and Member.


The Owner role is typically reserved for the person who initially creates the team. Owners have the highest level of access and control within the team. This includes: managing instances, billing and teams settings.


Admins are trusted team members who have been granted additional responsibilities by the Owner. Admins can perform many of the same actions as the Owner but with the exception of not being being able to manage billing-related details.


Members are the general users in a team. They have limited permissions, mostly focusing on instance management, and cannot alter team settings or view billing-related details.