Build with the most trusted ERC-4337 provider

At Stackup, we understand that the transition to smart accounts within the Ethereum ecosystem is critical to your business' success. As your reliable partner in this evolution, our premium services and secure infrastructure promise to guide your enterprise effortlessly through this transformative journey.

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How it works

Whether you are a global enterprise or a startup pushing the envelope, Stackup provides the stable foundation for the next phase of your product.

Defining your needs

One of our founders will hold an exploratory meeting with you to better understand your needs. Once a preliminary solution has been established, our engineering team will work with you to define the requirements for your specific project and deliver a services proposal specific to you. If appropriate, Stackup will provide additional security and risk management information.


Stackup will craft a selection of service offerings for you to choose from, and help you identify all internal stakeholders and constraints required to begin integration. The typical time from proposal to signed agreement is two weeks.


Stackup will hold an onboarding meeting with the owner and administrator of your enterprise account. A dedicated support channel will be opened between our teams for instant feedback, and a Stackup representative will be assigned. An onboarding package will be delivered with detailed documentation of standard processes such as disaster response plans, new product launch checklists, communication protocols, and change management.


Your Stackup representative will continuously monitor and manage your success. As required, technical meetings will be held to ensure service delivery. Additionally Stackup will continuously update you on evolving Stackup features, developments, and opportunities in account abstraction.

Why Stackup


Our expertise in ERC-4337 is born out of practical experience and a relentless commitment to service excellence, evidenced by our >99.9% uptime. Choosing Stackup means opting for a collaborator who understands the complexities of account abstraction and provides robust, tailored services.


Our blockchain infrastructure offers a resilient, secure environment that meets the highest industry standards, enabling robust data protection and availability.

Dedicated Service

The founders are your dedicated support, not a representative with constrained decision-making authority.