AA23 reverted (or OOG)

The signature was rejected or it took too much gas to verify

The signature of the user operation was rejected or ran out of gas. "OOG" is an abbreviation for Out-Of-Gas.

There are two causes:

  1. Signature verification ran out of gas
  2. Signature verification has an error


  1. Check the account has ETH to pay for its creation if you aren't using a paymaster.
  2. If you are using a paymaster, verify the paymaster is set.
  3. Investigate why the initCode used more gas than expected using tools like userop.dev, Tenderly, or the ERC-4337 Devnet.
  4. Reach out to your bundler provider or ask a question in the Stackup Discord server for help. Be sure to include the user operation and any relevant information about how you're building it.