Entity Specific Rules

Specific rules apply to paymasters, factories, aggregators, and accounts in ERC-7562.

EREP-010 Paymaster gas limits

For each paymaster, the mempool must maintain the total gas UserOperations using this paymaster may consume.

Bundlers will not add a user operation to the mempool if the maximum total gas cost is above the deposit of the paymaster at the current gas price.

EREP-015 Paymaster not penalized for accounts

A paymaster will not have its opsSeen incremented on failure of factory or account.

When running second validation (before inclusion in a bundle), if a user operation fails because of factory or account error (either a FailOp revert or validation rule), then the paymaster's opsSeen value is decremented by 1.

EREP-020 Staked factory accountability

A staked factory is accountable for account breaking the rules. That is, if validateUserOp() is rejected for any reason, it is treated as if the factory caused this failure, and thus this affects its reputation.

EREP-030 Staked account accountability

A staked account is accountable for failures in other entities (paymaster, aggregator) even if they are staked.

EREP-040 Aggregator must stake

An aggregator must be staked, regardless of storage usage.