Particle Network

If you are using Particle Network to sign transactions, you can get the signer directly from the ParticleProvider.

Live Tutorial

See a tutorial and live demo here:

Configuring Particle Network

Particle Network has its own account abstraction SDK that you can use with Stackup. Read more about it here:


The core part of the integration is creating a ParticleProvider, from which you can get a signer.

import { ParticleNetwork } from '@particle-network/auth';  
import { SmartAccount } from '@particle-network/aa';  
import { ParticleProvider } from '@particle-network/provider';

const particle = new ParticleNetwork({...});  
const provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(new ParticleProvider(particle.auth));

// Initialize the builder  
const signer = provider.getSigner();  
var builder = await Presets.Builder.SimpleAccount.init(signer, rpcUrl);  
const address = builder.getSender();  
console.log(Account address: ${address});