-32504 Throttled or Banned

More about the -32504 Throttled or Banned error code

This error code means that the user operation was rejected because the paymaster or aggregator is throttled or banned.

To prevent attacks on the bundler network, bundlers can throttle or ban malicious entities that violate certain rules. If you encounter this error code unexpectedly, you need to identify why the bundler is banning or throttling this entity.

User operationโ€™s storage access rules prevent them from interfering with each other. But โ€œglobalโ€ entities - paymasters, factories, and aggregators are accessed by multiple user operation, and thus might invalidate multiple previously-valid user operations.

To prevent abuse, ERC-4337 bundlers throttle down (or completely ban for a period of time) an entity that causes invalidation of large number of user operations in the mempool. To prevent such entities from "sybil-attack", bundlers require them to stake with the EntryPoint, and thus make such DoS attacks very expensive. Note that this stake is never slashed, and can be withdrawn any time (after unstake delay).