ERC-4337 Guides

For developers who want a deeper dive into all the details of ERC-4337.

Refer to the following docs to get a detailed explanation of all the lower level concepts related to ERC-4337 and Account abstraction. These docs serve as a reference for developers who need to get a deeper understanding of Smart Accounts.


Looking for even more abstraction?

Checkout the Architecture Overview or run through some Tutorials if you would rather jump right in before learning the low level details.

User Operation fields

There are 11 fields on a UserOperation. These guides will walk you through the details of each one and how they impact the entire transaction.

Account management

Smart Account allow for much more flexibility but introduces some new patterns to managing them properly in production. These guides dive into concepts from checking off-chain signatures to account modules.


Building an application with Smart Accounts can be more complicated to debug when things go wrong. Here are some guides to help with the development process.