Bundler Errors

You may encounter some of these errors along the way

All ERC-4337 error responses have the following format:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": 1
  "error": {

Below are the common error codes specified by the protocol. These are in addition to the standard JSON-RPC error codes returned by a bad method call.

Many of these errors will also be accompanied by an additional error message from the EntryPoint.

-32521Transaction reverted (or will revert) during execution phase.
-32602Invalid UserOperation struct/fields.
-32500Transaction rejected by entryPoint's simulateValidation, during account creation or validation.
-32501Transaction rejected by paymaster's validatePaymasterUserOp.
-32502Transaction rejected because of opcode validation.
-32503UserOperation out of time-range: either account or paymaster returned a time-range, and it is already expired (or will expire soon).
-32504Transaction rejected because paymaster (or signature aggregator) is throttled/banned.
-32505Transaction rejected because paymaster (or signature aggregator) stake or unstake-delay is too low.
-32506Transaction rejected because account specified unsupported signature aggregator.
-32507Either validateUserOp or validatePaymasterUserOp returned an invalid signature check.