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Paymaster Error

Hello, I have an account abstraction project for minting custom NFT and I wrote my main.ts code according to your guide. When I'm trying to run it I got an error code: 32521 related to pm_sponsorUserOperation. I don't understand what is the issue and how can I solve it. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards

simulation: insufficient token payments

I used a paid plan, but when I traded USDC on bsc and enabled withPaymaster, the result I got was `{"code":-32601,"data":"simulation: insufficient token payments","message": "simulation: insufficient token payments"},"id":42,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}`, I need your help yarn run simpleAccount erc20Transfer --token 0x8AC76a51cc950d9822D68b83fE1Ad97B32Cd580d --to 0xf40FaD5FEA83286c409653A720391c204cdBd4F1 --amount 0.0001 --withPaymaster

AA40 over verificationGasLimit

I have a question in this video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1kjF_1cPjM&t=486s> In it, you utilize require("./erc20Abi.json") (at video 8:08) but this file seems to be missing from the project. I attempted to substitute it with the erc20 module from npm, but I encountered an "AA40 over verificationGasLimit" error. I suspect this might be due to the version of the module I used. Could you advise on how to obtain the latest erc20Abi.json? Thanks. my repo <https://github.com/LTN917/stackup_demo>

Quickstart Example - After Executing simpleAccount transfer to EOA account, no ETH is recieved on EOA account

I have followed the quickStart example, where everything went successfully. but I have not received any ETH on my EOA account. command : yarn run simpleAccount transfer --to 0xE257F48Df257d84BF02c88A494E7e0171E1Ab6cB --amount 0.01 Transaction hash: <https://mumbai.polygonscan.com/tx/0x1fdc6316072ada5919da633edbae32ec6cf88db678d943efe1aa199b162b5c2d> UserOpHash: 0xed4a6bc21326126d8bc192a4aa1d423388a255cc2f1806b6f1026f2f185fabea EOA account (Reciever): <https://mumbai.polygonscan.com/address/0xe257f48df257d84bf02c88a494e7e0171e1ab6cb> can anyone please guide me here?

Paymaster ETH management

Hello, I have a question about the paymaster. Is it possible to manage sponsored transactions via the paymaster with my own eth? I don't see any fields in the settings to manage it.