Team and Accounts

Teams are available on Developer and Enterprise plans.

Stackup offers two methods to create an account. When you sign up for the first time, Stackup automatically generates a personal account for you. This is available on the Free tier and is designed for individual use.

with Google

This method allows you to create a Stackup account using your Google credentials. This is a quick and secure method, as it leverages Google's robust security measures, and you won't have to remember another password.

with Email

If you prefer not to use Google Sign-In, you can create a Stackup account using your email address. Once you've entered your email address, you will be sent an email to confirm the sign in request.

Account Linking

Stackup offers a convenient account linking feature. This means if you initially sign up via Google and later decide to sign in with your email (or vice versa), Stackup will link these sign-in methods to the same account. Therefore, you can sign in via either method and access the same account.

However, please ensure that the email address associated with your Google account is the same as the one you use to sign in with Email. If they are different, Stackup will treat these as separate accounts.

Upgrading to a Team account

If you wish to collaborate with others, you'll need to subscribe to either the Developer or Enterprise plan. Subscribing to these plans upgrades your personal account to a team account, unlocking additional features such as team management and role assignment.

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