Transition to Production

Launch your application!

Once you've successfully created a customer-centric product that embodies the features you wish to deliver, you're set to shift into the production phase.

Alpha/Beta Launch

In many scenarios, an early launch with a limited scope serves as an excellent starting point. This approach allows you to collect constructive feedback from a select group, and also mitigates potential risks. Usually, you'll need four API keys per network and some fundamental product instrumentation.

To get things started, you'll need at least a Developer Plan. However, for a more comprehensive feature set, consider opting for a Startup Plan. If you need tailored functionality or additional support, an Enterprise Plan may be ideal, even for a private alpha stage.

The Official Launch

Right before your public launch, we strongly recommend giving the Stackup team a heads-up about the expected surge in activity. For Startup Plan customers, Stackup can temporarily increase rate limits and provide launch-day support to ensure a smooth roll-out.

Continuous Improvement

Leverage Stackup's intuitive dashboard to keep a close eye on your resource usage and optimize it. And as the ERC-4337 ecosystem continues to evolve, Stackup will keep you abreast of the latest trends in Smart Accounts.


You can upgrade your Stackup account at any time. Simply head over to the billing section of your Stackup account and select your preferred upgrade option.