Introduction to Node API

Use Stackup's nodes to access ERC-4337 bundlers and blockchain nodes

Bundlers 🤝 Nodes

Stackup offers nodes as a service so that you can focus on building your app instead of running infrastructure.

A node is an individual computer or device that participates in a blockchain network. To connect to the blockchain you'll need access to a node, typically via JSON-RPC. With Stackup hosted services, you can access both nodes and ERC-4337 bundlers through a single URL and API key.

Supported networks

Refer to the table below for network support using Stackup hosted services.

Avalanche Fuji
Optimism🔜 (Pending bedrock update)
Optimism Goerli
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain testnet
Arbitrum One
Arbitrum testnet