Stackup is compatible with all ERC-4337 compliant services, so you can mix-and-match components without worrying about vendor lock-in.

Here are some common integrations we find many ERC-4337 projects using, along with some guidance for when to use them.

All smart accounts need a method for signing user operations. Here are some direct integrations using common signing modules. You can also learn how to use passkeys and integrate session keys.

Stackup can be used with any ERC-4337 smart account library. In userop.js, there are native integrations with the Ethereum Foundation's simpleAccount, ZeroDev Kernel, and Trust Wallet's Barz account. More are coming in the future -- you can click the link above to see some of them.

You can use Stackup with any ERC-4337 SDK, whether by Stackup or anyone else. Click the link above to see some of the popular ERC-4337 SDKs.

Lower Level AA SDKs

  • userop.js by Stackup
  • permissionless.js by Pimlico
  • aa-sdk by Alchemy
  • account-abstraction/sdk by Ethereum Foundation

Higher Level AA SDKs

  • ZeroDev
  • Biconomy
  • Particle Network
  • ThirdWeb

What’s Next