AA40 over verificationGasLimit

The verification gas limit was exceeded.

The amount of gas used to verify the smart account or paymaster signature was higher than the verificationGasLimit.


  1. First, verify the verificationGasLimit is a reasonable value.
    1. Simple user operations should be between 50,000 and 100,000 gas, while more complex user operations can be as much as 2 million gas.
    2. Check your verificationGasLimit against the values returned by eth_estimateUserOperationGas and pm_sponsorUserOperation API methods.
    3. If you are hard-coding the verificationGasLimit, consider using the eth_estimateUserOperationGas limit.
  2. Investigate why the smart account and/or paymaster used more gas than expected using tools like userop.dev, Tenderly, or the ERC-4337 Devnet.
  3. Reach out to your bundler provider or ask a question in the Stackup Discord server for help. Be sure to include the user operation and any relevant information about how you're building it.