ZeroDev Kernel

A modular smart account framework built to be extendible with custom plugins.

Kernel is an audited and battle tested framework for building ERC-4337 contract accounts. Its ability to be extended through plugins makes it much more powerful than SimpleAccount.sol and a great option for developers building production grade applications.

For details on the supported Kernel commands:

yarn run kernel -h


Not using a paymaster?

Make sure to also have enough ETH or native gas tokens to pay for the transaction fees.

Get account address

Kernel addresses can be deterministically generated. Use this command to get your account address based on the signingKey set in your config.json.

The account will be automatically deployed on the first transaction.

yarn run kernel address

Execute a transaction

This is an interactive command that allows you to create and batch any combination and number of example transaction types. These currently include:

  • Transfer
  • ERC20 Transfer
  • ERC20 Approve

For example, you can test this command with the ERC20 Paymaster on a fresh account (with no ETH) by batching an approve plus any number of transfers.

yarn run kernel transact